You come go to Jugnon Insurance for almost all insurance policies. We look at which insurance policies suit your specific needs.

Specific sectors

Jugnon insurances is specialised in insurances for the self-employed, SMEs and businesses, and we have also special insurance products for specific sectors::

  • Automotive sector (garages, tire plants, second hand cars dealers, etc.)
  • Construction sector (plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, carpenters, joiners, etc.)
  • Driving schools
  • Hotel and catering industry (restaurants, snacks, hotels, friteries, pubs, catering businesses, etc.)
  • Medics and paramedics (pharmacist, physiotherapists, general practitioners, dentists, etc.)
  • Transport sector
  • Professional occupations (lawyers, civil law notaries, etc.)
  • Real estate companies, dealers, real estate agents, etc.
  • Small businesses (butchers, bakeries, grocers, etc.)

You can contact us for tailor-made insurance packages for your business that are suitable for your specific requirements.