You come go to Jugnon Insurance for almost all insurance policies. We look at which insurance policies suit your specific needs.


The building insurance is suitable for almost any kind of buildings: houses, surgeries, office buildings, industrial buildings, storage areas, garages, buildings, etc.

Jugnon will be glad to assist your business in arranging a tailor-made insurance package. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer an optimum insurance, thereby avoiding being insured twice for the same risks. If necessary we will visit to view the goods that are to be insured.

Insurance All Construction Site Risks

Problems can arise on and near the site, during or after the building activities. The ABR insurance covers liability towards third parties, but also damages to the construction site itself. It covers all the workers on the site, from the property developer to architects and subcontractors.

The ABR insurance is available for private house owners, but also offers a good insurance for those who regularly construct, renovate and sell houses. It is possible to add a special formula or subscription policy for this group of individuals; this insurance has an annual package fee, so you do not need to apply for a new policy every time. Contact us to request your tailor-made insurance. Vraag hier uw verzekering op maat aan.

Fire insurance, content insurance and theft insurance

The fire insurance covers the consequences of theft, fire and other damages to the building and the contentsthereof. Also, some events can have consequences for third parties and cause them damage for which you can be held liable. This is also covered by the fire insurance.

This fire insurance policy can also be expanded for example with a minimal deductible or added coverage for indirect loss.

Money and valuables insurance

This addition to the fire insurance offers the ideal protection of your income, such as money and securities.

Engineering interruption

The engineering interruption insurance covers material damage to the machine(s) your business uses. After all, engineering interruption can sometimes have significant financial consequences for your business. The damage can be the result of the incorrect operation of equipment, overvoltage or damage from external sources.

All-risk electronics

Practically every sector uses specialised electronic devices. It is important for these devices to be sufficiently covered. The all-risk electronics insurance Jugnon Insurance provides this cover.

Loss of profit

Sometimes your company is unable to anticipate a loss in turnover after having suffered damages. During the reconstruction or repair, production is often terminated, resulting in a loss of turnover, while the fixed costs still need to be paid.

The loss of profit insurance makes sure that your business can continue to pay these crucial costs, and won’t suffer financial difficulties.

Goods insurance

Besides your building being damaged, your goods can be damaged as well. The goods insurance covers this and makes sure your goods and inventory are sufficiently covered.