You come go to Jugnon Insurance for almost all insurance policies. We look at which insurance policies suit your specific needs.


Jugnon Insurances, settled in Brussels and Antwerp, assists companies and self-employed to determine which insurances policies they require and to put them to optimum use. Even if your situation is slightly different from that of other businesses.

Directors’ liability

A director of a business, foundation or society bears responsibility. This can also have negative consequences. If your decisions or those of your fellow directors have an unfavourable outcome, this can have significant consequences. You can be held personally liable, for example by the shareholders or creditors.

Protect your private equity against such risks and take out a directors’ liability insurance at Jugnon Insurances.

Civil liability insurance

Your business is always at risk during the course of your activities for being held liable for damages suffered by clients, suppliers or third parties. This could have significant financial consequences. The civil liability insurance, contrary to the professional liability insurance, covers damages resulting from acts.

Professional liability

It is easy to make a mistake, also in your profession. Professional liability insurance covers you against damages suffered by third parties as a result of performing your main occupation. Jugnon Insurances will be glad to advise you on the insurances and the covered risks.

Carriers’ liability (CMR)

Transport at home and abroad is subject to the CMR standard. This standard stipulates the liability of the carrier of goods entrusted to him. The carrier can take out a carriers’ liability insurance against this potential risk.