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If you wish to insure your business against illness or accidents, you can take out one of these insurances.

Guaranteed income

This insurance guarantees an additional monthly income when you are unable to work due to an illness or accident. This is an additional income to that issued by the social services. You can also combine this guaranteed income with a collective insurance and/or a VAPZ to achieve a favourable premium.

Turnover insurance

If your manager falls ill or has an accident, your company will be paid by this insurance to compensate for the loss of turnover due to his/her absence. The turnover insurance is therefore an excellent addition to the guaranteed income.

Outstanding balance

The outstanding balance insurance is the insurance that makes sure that any amounts not yet repaid on a mortgageare paid by the insurance company if the insured individual that concluded the credit should die. It is therefore no longer necessary to have it repaid by the partner or heirs. This could have tax advantages in combination with other insurances. Contact us for advice on an insurance policy that has tax benefits for your business.

Coverage for death

If you take out a death insurance, the estate will be awarded to the beneficiary/beneficiaries in the event of your death. This insurance can have tax benefits if you are also taking part in a collective insurance and/or a VAPZ.

We will be glad to advise you on the various formulas and see which solution offers the best tax advantages.