You come go to Jugnon Insurance for almost all insurance policies. We look at which insurance policies suit your specific needs.


House insurance or fire insurance

The fire insurance covers the consequences of theft, fire and other damages to the house and the contents thereof. This insurance is a necessity for homeowners and for those renting.

Also, some events can have consequences for third parties and cause them damage for which you can be held liable. This is also covered by the house insurance.

This fire insurance policy can also be expanded for example with a minimal deductible or added coverage for indirect loss.

All Construction Site Risks

Are you planning to build or renovate a building?

If so, it is advisable to take out the ABR insurance. Problems can arise on and near the site, during or after the building activities.

The ABR insurance covers liability towards third parties, but also damages to the construction site itself. It covers all the workers on the site, from the property developer to architects and subcontractors.

Jugnon will be glad to assist you in arranging a tailor-made insurance package. We will visit to assess the site and the risks that are to be insured.

We have the knowledge and expertise to offer an optimum insurance, thereby avoiding you being insured twice for the same risks.